As we are continuing to closely monitor the novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), the health and safety of our team, our patients and our communities remain the main concern for us.


We should all observe the following preventive measures to limit the risk of spreading the virus as much as possible and to allow us to serve you in the best conditions.

🚘 Wait in your car until the exact time of your appointment to limit contact with other patients in the waiting area.

😷 Wear your mask (surgical, tissue, N95, N99 etc.) The aim is to have a mechanical barrier between us.

🀲 Sanitize your hands before entering the clinic. You will be able to wash your hands with water and soap / hand sanitizer inside the clinic.

πŸ‘« Limit on the number of people authorized in the treatment room. Minors can be accompanied by only one of their parent, avoid coming with several children, adults must come alone.

πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ For pediatric consultations, you can bring your own towel if you want.

✏ Bring your own pen in case of payment by check. But we prefer paiement by Mpesa or Visa.

🧼 The equipment used will be disinfected between each consultation and the room ventilated.

🩺 All of our staff will wear a mask and gloves when treating or serving you.

❌ Cancel or postpone your appointment if you show signs of illness (fever, cough, etc.)

⚠️ Remember : If you experience fever, cough and difficulty breathing, you can go to the emergency to be tested and treated.